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w/  The Solopreneur Parent, Bones Rodriguez
"Who Else Wants To Create Assets That Pay You 24/7 On Complete Autopilot?"
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  • ​Money is NOT What You Think It Is:​Most people think they understand money, that's why most are poor!
  • ​Forget "MLM" and "Leveraging people"- You don't need that when you have the internet! 
  • ​How to Shield Yourself from the most destructive trend and ensure your own income for the rest of your life! 
  • ​Learn TRUE FREEDOM by using assets that pay you!
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What This Website Is All About:
Level #1: How To Get Started From Zero
You're a beginner, you're skeptical, and you're broke. You've only traded your time for money... and never enough. You've only ever wanted to make survival money. But you're absolutely ready to change all of that now.
Level #2: How To Make Money With Other People's Stuff
You've tried things before like MLM, or affiliate marketing, but want to get to the next level. You know it's real, but are now ready to find something that works, and you will work it hard.
Level #3: How To Create Your Own Full-Time Empire
You've had some success in your own business before, you understand personal responsibility and results. You want to live the laptop lifestyle, or take it to the wealth-building stage.
John "Bones" Rodriguez for Solopreneur School
My name is John "Bones" Rodriguez, and I'm an Actor, Author, Entrepreneur, born and raised in New York City, where I live with my wife and 2 kids.
Yes, you've seen me on TV, but nowadays I am a full-time daddy, and I prefer to let money come in to me instead of me going out on auditions.
I written a few books, most notably "Captain Kirk's Guide To Women: How To Romance Any Woman In The Galaxy" from Simon and Schuster.
I haven't had a day job in 17 years, and the FREEDOM that has afforded me is far more valuable than I could have imagined when I started.

Can you imagine no having a day job?

I created Solopreneur School to help the average lazy-but-motivated person create freedom from selling their time at a job.

I do NOT sell my time for money anymore, and I have been very successful at helping other people by using my talent for making ideas easy to grasp, and making courses that are step-by-step simple.

I PROMISE- If an actor can do it- so can you!


What People Are Saying:
"Now that I have a baby to watch, it is fantastic to get an email that says: “You just made a sale” with some money that gets deposited directly into my bank account. Bones Rodriguez’s materials show SEVERAL ways to make that happen!" 
-Michelle Dyer, Author
Less than 24 hours after getting the full course and setting up my FB page according to Bones' directions... And I MADE MONEY WHILE I WAS SLEEPING!!!!
- Harris Yoffa, Analyst
"This is a way OUT of your freaking non-flexible day job that you hate. If you're interested in doing something different, and having something different happen... "freakin' pay the money!"
- Lisa Gold, Coach
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