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“Now Convert Your Sales Into Raving Fans That Buy from you again and again!
So many business owners are constantly chasing the secret to Social Media- but again, the secret is hiding in plain sight:

Being "Social"!

And One of the best and most-ignored places to really engage with your customers is:
You Can Discover How To Start, Launch And Grow Your Own Thriving Facebook Group For Your Business

Facebook Groups Can Completely Change The Way Your Followers See You And Your Brand – And Most Businesses Ignore Them!

What If I Told You That You Were Currently Ignoring The Biggest And Most Powerful Social Media Marketing Tool There Is?

So Many Businesses That Want To Promote Their Brands On Facebook Will Focus Purely On Facebook Pages.

This Is A Huge Mistake, Seeing As Facebook Groups Are Really What Allow A Business Go From Being A Small Fish In A Big Pond, To A Giant Heavy Hitter.

Facebook Groups Are Used By Over One Billion People, But That Isn’t The Reason They’re So Powerful And Important.

So What's The Reason? Engagement.

Facebook Groups Are More Intimate, They Are More Personal, And They Tend To Attract Only Your Die Hard Fans.
What Would You Do With a Group of Highly Engaged Fans?
Imagine Having A Group Of Highly Engaged Customers.
People That Love Your Brand And That Want To Learn Everything There Is To Know About It.

People That Don’t Get Enough Of Your Content From Your Blog Or Facebook Page, And Who Want To Spend More Time Discussing Your Industry With Like-Minded Fans.

In Other Words, You Are Building A Community. A Community That Can Support And Buoy Your Company, And Help To Elevate It Past The Other Stuffy Businesses In Your Niche.

A Tribe Of Die-Hard Fans

That’s What Really Makes The Difference For Businesses, Because Those Fans Become ‘Brand Ambassadors’.

They Won’t Only Read And React To Everything You Post, They Won’t Only Buy Your New Products: They’ll Also Be Your Biggest Advocates And Marketers. Because They BELIEVE In The Message You Are Selling.

Facebook Groups Allow You To Do This, By Offering A Secluded Place For People Who Want More Of Your Content To Discuss Matters Relating To Your Business. 

You’ll Be Able To Speak To Those Most Loyal Fans Directly, And Build The Kind Of Relationship That Translates To True Brand Loyalty. And They’re HIGHLY Monetizable.

But While This Option Is Available To You, It’s Something That Most Businesses Have No Idea How To Accomplish. Most Businesses That Try Their Hand At Facebook Groups Will Find That They Spend A Lot Of Time Posting Content To Groups That Provide No Real Value.

They Flounder Without A Clear Message Or Clear Reason For People To Join Their Groups. Ultimately, The Time They Invest Is Worthless And They Get NOTHING From The Experience.

Groups Work Differently From Blogs And Other Forms Of Content Marketing. They Work Differently From Facebook Pages Even! And That’s Why They Need A Completely Different Approach.
So, i put together an amazing packaGe to get your own facebook group that happily buys from you again and again, giving you a steady income!
In this ebook, you’ll discover the secret sauce that makes a successful Facebook group versus an unsuccessful one. You’ll also learn about entirely new ways to use groups to reach your audience, and start seeing the results in DAYS. 
Here’s what else you’ll discover in this guide:
  • Learn to create a Facebook group by following step-by-step instructions that ANYONE can follow and understand
  • Avoid common mistakes by choosing the right settings, description, photo, and more 
  • Discover how to create a private, exclusive community that will MASSIVELY increase your engagement 
  • ​Learn advanced techniques. Link your page to your groups, use WordPress widgets, and conduct group stories 
  • ​Integrate your Facebook group with your broader campaign – combine  with your Facebook page, blog, and other social accounts and see CRAZY growth  
  • ​ Avoid getting into trouble with Facebook and learn to manage your members and maintain a civil tone 
  • ​​​Discover amazing growth hacks that can help you to get hundreds of new members every SINGLE day
  • ​See how to generate buzz and excitement in your group and create a real sense of community and value for its members 
  • See for yourself how success in your Facebook group can lead to success for your entire business 
  • ​Learn the other uses for Facebook groups, from internal discussion tools, to powerful online learning platforms  
  • ​And MUCH more! 

Point-By-Point Checklist

View or print this handy checklist so that you can check off each point.
It is like a summary of the entire guide but in actionable, bite-sized points so that you can successfully get through the course.


A quick glance over this mindmap and you'll get an instant refresher of all the major points and action steps from the main guide.

FAST-ACTION BONUS #3: Resource Cheat Sheet

You'll also get access to a rolodex of top sites, blogs, forums, tools, apps and services to get you even further.
Inside you'll find:
- Top blogs and forums
- Top tools
- Top tips and how to's
- and more!



10 Step-by-Step Videos That Show You How To Start, Launch and Grow Your Own Thriving Facebook Group For Your Business

"Go PRO" and Get Instant Access To a 10-Part VIDEO Series To Help You Get Ahead Even Faster!
There's a long way and a short way.

Trying to figure out everything yourself, only to go around in circles wasting more time and money... is the long way.

You know that already.

Want to know the short cut instead?

Well, these videos will give you that unfair advantage and help you finally breakthrough so you can get results starting as soon as you watch the videos and do what they say!
3 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Group Fast
5 Best Practices for Managing a Facebook Group
5 Mistakes Facebook Group Owners Make
5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Group
5 Top Uses for Facebook Groups in Business
7 Tips to Help You Grow Your Facebook Group
How to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Group
How to Set Up a Facebook Group for Business
The Pros and Cons of Starting a Facebook Group
a few other tools to help you on your journey...
In order to "Round Out" your Social Media DOMINATION, I'll also throw in these courses so that you can never need another Social Media Course Again!
Free Bonus #1 ($27 value)
Dominate Youtube
YouTube was designed so that even the least tech-savvy person can get started in creating their own videos. 
This is also true of making money with YouTube. Google has created the simplest monetization options, where in a couple clicks you can start generating money from the views your videos receive.
Free Bonus #2 ($27 value)
Social Marketing Advantage
Facebook alone has over 2 billion active users and a plethora of user friendly tools designed to encourage things to go viral..
Then there’s the fact that social media actually allows you to engage with your audience and communicate with them directly.
By building a relationship with your followers you can ensure that your products and content truly resonate with them by giving them what they want.
You can gain true fans that will share everything you create and purchase almost any content you put out.
Free Bonus #3 ($97 value)
Social Traffic Rush
It is separated into the following 10 guides for ease or learning.
Guide 1: Facebook Traffic Rush
Guide 2: Twitter Traffic Rush
Guide 3: YouTube Traffic Rush
Guide 4: Instagram Traffic Rush
Guide 5: Medium Traffic Rush
Guide 6: Reddit Traffic Rush
Guide 7: Quora Traffic Rush
Guide 8: Pinterest Traffic Rush
Guide 9: LinkedIn Traffic Rush
Guide 10: SlideShare Traffic Rush
Free Bonus #4 ($17 value)
Facebook Powerhouse
Here's what you'll discover in Facebook Powerhouse:
The mentality of Facebook users and how you can market to them
What type of content performs well on Facebook
How to easily get more shares and likes on a post
The quickest ways that you can grow a Facebook page
What different methods you can use to drive traffic from Facebook
...and much, much more!
Get started today for a HUGE DISCOUNT
Here is everything you get when you upgrade your purchase now!
Ebooks Only
Billed annually, no set up fee.
  • Yes! I want instant access to Facebook Groups Unleashed which includes the following: 
  • The main eBook
  • FAST-ACTION BONUS #1: Checklist
  • FAST-ACTION BONUS #2: Resource Cheat Sheet
  • FAST-ACTION BONUS #3: Mindmap
Ebooks, Videos, & Bonuses
Billed annually, no set up fee.
  • The main eBook
  • FAST-ACTION BONUS #1: Checklist
  • FAST-ACTION BONUS #2: Resource Cheat Sheet
  • FAST-ACTION BONUS #3: Mindmap
  • PRO BONUS #1- Dominate YouTube
  • PRO BONUS #2- Social Marketing Advantage
  • PRO BONUS #3- Social Marketing Rush
  • PRO BONUS #4- Facebook Powerhouse

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